Annotated Presentations

Annotated presentations are slideshows augmented by captions, animations, and voice-overs.

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Lightboard is an easy, quasi- DIY media tool that combines traditional lectures with the ability to incorporate graphics, video and text into a video.

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Podcasting Basics

Podcasts are audio or video files that anybody can listen to online or download onto their portable media player.

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Screencasts are video recordings of the activity on your computer screen.

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Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion allows you to take video of static objects, which will appear to move on film.

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Using Camtasia

Camtasia is a powerful screen capture tool that also supports video editing.

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Video Basics

Anyone with a smartphone can create a video, but creating video for learning requires some planning and skill. Learn how...

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Video for edX

Read this toolkit to learn the effective practices on using videos in your edx course.

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    I like these toolkit. Especially, Lightboard is my favorite tool.

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