Welcome to the DIY Media resource site. We hope you’ll find what you need. The resources will change, evolve and get streamlined as we develop and iterate together. Contributors to the content on this site are DIYers like you: students, staff and faculty. We create things on the UBC Wiki and pull them in here when we have something to share.

The Process

The development of this site and related resources is an iterative process, so if the site looks “in-development” that’s because it is! We are guided by these principles:

  • Collaborate: identify what’s needed.
  • Curate: don’t waste time creating resources that exist elsewhere.
  • Ideate: create resources when necessary to meet the needs of our faculty.
  • Try something: for example, collaborative website development like this!
  • Learn from users: we’re working on this one.
  • Re-iterate: improve what we have and define new needs.


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, leave them on this page. (CWL required.) Alternately, contact us at diy.media@ubc.ca.

The People

We call ourselves the DIY Media Learning Community. We are a collection of UBC people (designers, media specialists and DIYers) who want to help others create DIY media.

Get Involved

  • contribute content by authoring on the UBCwiki and adding the Category: DIY Media to your page. You’ll need a UBC campus-wide login (CWL).
  • Edit wiki pages to improve their content.
  • offer your expertise in the form of facilitating a workshop or learning session.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons License
The resources on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License unless otherwise specified.

Image Attribution

Homepage image: On Video by Mitchell Joyce (HckySo on Flickr: CCbyNC).

Homepage icons:

  • Computer: by Daniel Shannon from The Noun Project
  • Speaker: by Harold Kim from The Noun Project
  • Camera: public domain from the Noun Project

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