Plan it

Some questions to guide you...

The following questions can help you refine your idea:

  • What is my objective?
  • What do I want to express, explain, uncover, show or document?
  • Why is it important?
  • How will this resource be used?

Related to student learning:

  • What will make this an effective learning resource? See: Design Principles for Multimedia
  • How might students use this resource?
  • What do I expect to be the impact on learning?
  • How will I know if this resource has made an impact on learning?

The following questions can help you refine your approach:

  • Does a similar resource to the one I am envisioning already exist online somewhere? You may want to check Creative Commons licensed sources as well as resources in the Public Domain to start.
  • Can you curate content by building some activities or context around a video that already exists or do you need to create something new? Here is an example of curated content around a YouTube video describing MOOCs.
  • What is my timeframe?
  • Can I do this by myself or will I need a team?
  • What approach will best help me meet my goals? To get a sense of what approach might serve your needs, review this table:
Goal Ingredients Approach
Expose common misconception Demonstrate a concept, interview students/others for predictions Video
Demonstrate a process Whiteboard or application on-screen to show actions Screencast
Document experience Go to a location if it is field experience you want to document, or conduct an individual interview if it is a personal story you want to document Video interview
Set tone for the course/learning community You and your TAs can use a web-cam to make a welcome or introductory video message Web cam style video recording
Tell a story Audio, video, images or some combination Podcast, screencast, narrated slides, or video
Explain a complex concept or phenomenon Expose details that are impossible to see, or highlight connections animation, stop motion animation, screencast

Further questions for instructors:

  • What do I need to know about copyright?
  • What might my students need to know about copyright (if they are producing resources and publishing online)?
  • Plan Your Project Worksheets:Video, Audio, Screencast: Guides to help you work out the learning objectives, content and associated learning activities.

The following questions can help you gather your resources:

  • Will I be creating a mash-up with previously published content? (See section B of UBC's copyright guidelines).
  • Will I be editing in any additional content to help me meet my objectives such as audio, music, video, or images?
  • Do I want to make it easy for people to republish or use my work with the appropriate attribution?

Further questions for instructors:

  • Am I intending to publish student created content? If so, how will I handle permissions?
  • What will I need to budget for?
  • Will I need to purchase equipment or can I borrow it?
  • Can I do what I want to do with the equipment I have?
  • What sort of permission(s) will I need to obtain (ie student permissions)?

The following questions can help you choose your tools:

  • Will I incur any costs related to the use or maintenance of the tool I select?
  • How much of an investment will I need to make to learn the tool or approach I have selected?
  • Is there a return on investment of my time in learning this tool?
  • Is this tool supported or maintained by UBC? If not, am I OK with that?
  • Will I need to update the project ongoing? Will the tool or service I choose support that?
  • Have I tested it? (ie. the file formats it exports to, transferability of those files, etc.)
  • What training and skills are required?

Further questions for instructors:

  • If I am expecting students to use specific tools, what support will they need?
  • What are the benefits to collaborating on, hosting or embedding my work in an open environment (ie YouTube, UBCBlogs, UBCWiki, Wikipedia, etc)? What are the risks?



Do you need to find copyright safe sound or images for your project? The following resources can help:

Image Sources: UBC's Copyright resource provides an excellent list of various "copyright safe" image databases and also includes some discipline specific ones as well.
Creative Commons Guide: UBC's Copyright Guide provides lists of databases for free and "copyright safe" sounds, music and video for your digital media projects. It also helps you understand Creative Commons licenses and how and why you may want to apply one to your work.
Public domain resources: this page provides an overview of what public domain is, how material in the public domain can be used, and much more, including quick tips to check if something is or is not considered public domain in Canada, as well as links to public domain sources.

Students and Copyright

Why should I care about copyright?: this student-centered guide, put together by the UBC Learning Commons team, answers questions on the subject of copyright and addresses a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding copyright.

Audio Planning Checklist PDF:

Idea Complete
Defined objective(s)
Identified potential impact (what will audience learn? how will they change?)
Developed assessment plan (how will I know if I acheived my goals?)
Approach Complete
Identified suitable approach to meet goals
Developed realistic timeline (talked to people who have done this)
Identified who will do what
Reviewed with learning design in mind
Resources Complete
Conducted search for existing resources
Sourced content licensed for re-use (if music is needed)
Understand copyright guidelines for media included
Defined re-use strategy for project (CC licensing, etc.)
Prepared forms and permissions required for project
Created draft script
Confirmed recording location (silent space, no buzzing from air conditioning, etc.)
Tools Complete
Identified and acquired necessary gear and equipment
Considered sustainability of project (i.e. updates, revisions, ownership)
Experimented with software, tools and approaches
Tested out equipment at recording location to check for audio quality

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