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  • Lynda.com is a hosts a video library of courses that provide training in a wide variety of technology-related areas. Of specific interest to DIYers might be the education technology, photography, and video sections. UBC staff and faculty can get access to lynda.com at no charge. Instructions for creating a brand new account can be found here, and instructions for migrating an old account from the pilot can be found here.
  • Podcast basics: Pat Flynn covers the basics of creating your own podcast, from equipment selection and recording tips, to hosting and promotion.
  • DIY studio set up: learn how to set up a professional podcast studio.


Recording and Editing:


Here are a few useful links if you're looking at microphones.

  • The DIY Media website has a page on microphone suggestions, going over the various types of microphones available.
  • Choosing Microphones is a 4-minute video from lynda.com which has some helpful tips for deciding what kind of microphone will best suit your needs.
  • Wistia's Learning Centre demonstrates the quality of sound achieved with different mics in this 4.5 minute video.

Once you have selected a host for your video, you may be thinking about where you want to embed it. Embedding video allows you to bring it from your host platform into a space where you might develop additional context for it or activity related to it to support learning. Here are some instructions for embedding video:

You must abide by copyright, for license, consent, waiver forms. For guidelines, check out the UBC Copyright site.

Consent forms for interviewees: UBC's Office of University Counsel.

source: https://wiki.ubc.ca/Documentation:Learn_It_-_Audio

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