Need to record a course intro or video message?

Sometimes you just need to record and upload a quick video message in a single take. YouTube gives you the option of recording via your webcam directly to your YouTube channel for easy distribution (via embed code) to your course website or resource page. Here’s how:

  • login to your YouTube account
  • click on upload (top left of your screen)

Once on the upload page, you should see something that looks like this:
image of upload screen on YouTube

Choose webcam capture and the rest is obvious.

A few notes:
* Adobe seems to have issues in Firefox so use an alternate browser.
* if you have a good set of earphones with a mic (the the ones for your phone), these will work, if not get some – the sound from your laptop mic won’t be so good.
* if you can’t find the page with the YouTube app for webcam (we had trouble), you can access it through the YouTube help centre.

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