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    Since the 1970’s, the science has been well established that visual elements such as images are far more effective for learning compared to text alone. Fast forward to the modern digital age, and we all experience multimedia learning every single day – through YouTube videos, eLearning courses, PowerPoint decks, free online MOOCs. The list goes on and on.

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    Multimedia Design Principles
    The limited-capacity assumption suggests that humans have a hard limit on the amount of information they can process at any given moment. This is probably intuitive to anyone who’s sat in a sports bar and tried to watch several games at the same time or tried to listen to the news while having a conversation.
    According to Mayer (2009), the dual-channel assumption dictates that “humans possess separate channels for processing visual and auditory information” (p. 63). The first is the visual–pictorial channel, which processes images seen through the eyes (including words displayed on a screen). The other channel is the auditory–verbal channel, which processes spoken words.

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