Podcasting goodness…

    by Cindy Underhill on February 27, 2024

    Thanks to our DIY media learning community colleague, Duncan Mchugh for a great introduction to podcasting – last month. For those who missed it, here’s a link to his Slideshare deck. And for those who want to check out some podcasts from around UBC (and farther afield) – check out the links below: * UBC […]
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    Video and online learning: critical reflections and findings from the field

      by Flexibytes on February 27, 2024

      Originally published on Flexibytes – September 11, 2015. Videos are increasingly being used in MOOCs as well as in the classroom, however there is still a limited amount of research on the use of video in teaching and learning. In this study, the authors draw upon a literature review and 10 structured interviews to identify […]
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      Need to record a course intro or video message?

        by Cindy Underhill on February 27, 2024

        Sometimes you just need to record and upload a quick video message in a single take. YouTube gives you the option of recording via your webcam directly to your YouTube channel for easy distribution (via embed code) to your course website or resource page. Here’s how: login to your YouTube account click on upload (top […]
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        Using VideoScribe for Animation

          by Cindy Underhill on February 27, 2024

          Why Videoscribe? And more generally, why an animation video at all? Consider your goals. If your goal is to illustrate a concept much like you would using a whiteboard, Videoscribe may be useful for you. The presentation is very similar to Prezi in its ability to zoom in on detail and zoom out to show […]
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          Using a Client Meeting Checklist

            by evelyncr on February 27, 2024

            When working with a client to create video content for them, it’s very useful to clearly outline everyone’s expectations and visions. At UBC Studios, we have made up a checklist of topics to cover in an initial client meeting. We hope it helps! Tell us about this project. Who is the target audience? What is […]
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